Our Mission

Dogepalooza – A fun and entertaining Community Give-Back and Involvement Festival

We will accomplish this by:

    1. Educating,
    2. Onboarding, and
    3. Gaining acceptance of Dogecoin.

What sets us apart:

    • Practicing good corporate citizenship by going beyond profit maximization to make a positive impact on communities and societies
    • Providing work-life balance and effectiveness
    • Hosting specially designed festivals as an innovative and fun way to bring the Doge Community together to share their passion and love for Dogecoin
    • Giving back to the community by supporting and donating festival proceeds to both local & national charities who have suffered during the devastating Covid pandemic.

Dogepalooza supports diversity and is a negative and toxic free zone. Equity and unconscious
bias are paramount. We are an Ally, supporting underrepresented or marginalized groups.
All are welcome. We value Neurodiversity and recognize the Non-Binary.